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Elite Financial 
Solutions LLC


Business Funding

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$50 -$250
(MOB Affiliate $$$)

30 days

About Our Partner...

Elite Financial Solutions has cultivated an extensive network of international business associates.  Our focus is on making pioneering investments in companies and individuals with remarkable potential.  Our committed team comprises experienced investors eager to collaborate with ambitious and innovative entrepreneurs.

They help businesses like yours get funding ranging from $10,000 to $400,000.

A qualified client:

1.  Must be a U.S. Citizen

2. Must have a minimum 650 credit score

3. No new lines of credit in the last six months

4. No more than six hard credit inquires in the last six months

5.No derogatory accounts, late payments or collections

6. Income:

-W2 Employees must be on the same job for six months with a one year of consistent income and have an annual income of $27,000 or more

-Self Employed, 1099, or S-Corp should be in business for two full years with annual gross provable income of $50,000 or more and a net of $27,000 or more for both years

7. Total credit card utilization should be under 60%

8. Must have three active and open tradelines that are at least six months old

9. Bankruptcy should be discharged for 2 years

10. Must be 72 years of age or younger

Schedule your appointment below if you meet the prerequisites.  #LetsGrowTogether


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