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is coming to #Atlanta

Only $75 for vendors until July 15th, 2023

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Who are we?

Mom Owned Businesses is a group on #Facebook that was founded on November 29th, 2021 out of #Delaware to help moms who own businesses grow, have support and have a platform to manifest their dreams.  We reached 54,000+ members in our first year, partnered with ADP, SmartCredit, Women and Wine Weekend and others to create a culture where we all can win.

What is MOB Weekend?

MOB Weekend is a series of events to help bring traffic to your city, our vendors and the surrounding areas while simultaneously celebrating moms who own businesses.

-We will have a pop up shop (called #MOBday and it is FREE to public) drawing thousands of potential customers for our vendors and mall storefronts. Vendors fee is $75 for early birds until July 15th and $115 after.  You are required to bring your own table and chairs and if you cannot we can provide them for you at an additional cost.

-Be promoted by one of the best strategic organic marketers and Facebook partner Itachi Hokage who reaches millions every 28 days.


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