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The Sis You Need

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Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Mindset Masterclass

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$5 - $50/

30 days

Hear My Story...

Hi! My name is Takiya Averalo.  I am the CEO/founder The Sis You Need, a mom of 3 and a wife to my amazing husband Elijah. I opened this business to not only provide a better life for my family, but to serve the people in our community while walking in my purpose under God.

In July of 2022 I had roughly 3000 followers on #TikTok.  As of December 2022 I now have over 130,000 followers, reached over $50,000 per month  and have earned partnerships with multiple major brands.  


If you find yourself discouraged, unmotivated, ready to quit...just join my tribe so that we can get through this together.  Need coaching?  Need a vision board? Need a #community of #women?  Come right on!  It is my goal to help better as many sister lives as I can during my tenure here on this beautiful planet.

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