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MOB Approved Tips to Create Your Softest Year Yet

Happy New Year #MOB!! Thank you all so much for an incredible 2022 FILLED with growth, impact, and so much support from our magnificent MOB! We are looking forward to a mind-blowing 2023 that will take all of our businesses to the NEXT LEVEL. We have some incredible events lined up including The Hidden Steps to Creating Wealth Masterclass with 6 Figure Earner Takiya Arevalo (@thesisyouneed), the Fast Track to High Performance Virtual Workshop with high performance coach and business strategist Emily Letran, our MOB Brunches, our first annual MOB Awards, and so many awesome MOB Sponsored events tailored to the needs of our Mom Owned Businesses and hosted by MOB members.

Mom Owned Businesses is dedicated to providing the support and resources you need to not only build a successful brand, but to be empowered to create the financially abundant #softlife we all dream about.


The new year is the perfect time to evaluate, refresh, refocus and plan for the soft successful life you desire. The question on our lips, “what is a soft life and how do I get one?” I’m here to tell you that living a soft life isn’t about designer labels and being on the scene, despite what social media shows us.

Living a soft life is living a peaceful life full of abundance and simple luxuries like whole foods, fresh flowers, a healthy body, plenty of income, and a sharp, disciplined mind.

In 2023, I’m focused on prioritizing self-care, managing myself and my time effectively, tightening up my finances, and building out my business so that everything runs as smoothly as possible, and my goals are met. A soft life, after all, is all about ease cultivated by intentional habits and structure.

Here are some steps that I am taking to ensure I’m getting the Soft Life Package in 2023 and not the Struggle Package.


“Give yourself the love you desire.” -Deniera Shontel

Women who live a soft life indulge in self-care because we understand the value in looking and feeling our best. Prioritize your health by eating fruit and vegetables, taking a multivitamin, working out for 30 minutes 3 times a week, drinking plenty of water, wearing clothes and underwear that make you feel confident, and incorporating a pamper routine. I recommend a weekly facial at home, mani-pedi at your local salon, and/or a monthly massage.

Make time for whatever it is that fills you up with LIFE and makes you feel BEAUTIFUL. It’s up to us to refill our tanks and take care of ourselves. Consistent simple indulgences can help keep you feeling your best so that you can be the super woman you truly are.

“Soft women don’t stress, we discuss it in therapy, then move forward.” -Deniera Shontel

Investing in a therapist has been pivotal in maintaining my motivation and managing stress. As a mother, and a business owner, I have to be in a healthy balanced head space. It can be helpful to have someone to talk to when things get heavy, someone who can help me understand my blind spots.

Therapy is a form of self-care and an investment into one’s well-being, and I believe that everyone should try it at least once. I use and recommend Better Help because I love having the option of video chat or messaging with my therapist instead of office visits. It’s convenient, private, and budget friendly. Here’s a FREE WEEK to try it for yourself. Cheers to becoming healthier and happier!


“Some of us delay our own success because we are afraid to delegate.” -Deniera Shontel

In 2023 I will be delegating tasks. I can only speak for myself when I say that all of the cooking, cleaning, shopping, nursing, tutoring, etc. that comes with being a mother is never ending, but I have a feeling we can all relate.

In order to lessen the load and allow myself more time to focus on my business, I’ve started having my groceries delivered with Amazon and Instacart. There’s nothing like skipping the stress of dragging my kids through the busy grocery store and instead having my groceries delivered to my door. If you haven’t tried Instacart yet, here’s $20 OFF your first order. Trust me, you’ll love getting your Saturday mornings back.

To further lessen the load, I recommend delegating some simple chores to your children, trying a meal plan service, hiring someone to deep clean your home as needed and outsourcing your simple, more monotonous business operations with a virtual assistant. You can also try using a social media management tool like Metricool to schedule posts and post to multiple platforms at once. These services allow you to better leverage your time and your time is MONEY. Spend that time on money making activities, doing the things you are best at in your business, or doing whatever your heart desires.


It’s no secret that the new year is an excellent time to check in on your financial picture. Set up autopay and stop paying late fees. Cancel unwanted subscriptions and trim the fat from your spending (ahem, DoorDash habit - here's $30 on me when you try for the first time), update your budget, review your savings and investing goals, shop for cheaper car insurance, and clean up your credit.

Have a clear understanding of what it will take to reach your financial goals and recreate your habits accordingly. Money comes to those who manage it well. Monitor and build your FICO, secure your identity and privacy, and easily manage your personal information FREE with MOB Partner SmartCredit.


“Women who live a soft life work smarter, not harder. They get it.” -Deniera Shontel

In the new year I’m focused on investing into the infrastructure of my business so that I can maximize my talents and optimize my efforts. I’m building my business credit so that I can have the leverage I need to grow and scale. I’m working with one of our MOB Partners, the Business Credit Genius (@thebusinesscreditgenius), who I highly recommend. He offers a detailed business credit e-book for those of us who like to do it ourselves.

“Having a working vehicle is important, but what’s a business without exposure?”

-Deniera Shontel

Mom Owned Businesses was created to help support and encourage mothers in business, give them access to vetted resources, and grow their platforms and ultimately their customer base through organic marketing, because without exposure, there is no business. In 2023, I’m serious about getting my business in front of my target audience and really growing my online community, and I HIGHLY recommend you do the same. It takes having an engaged community to be able to launch products and services successfully!

Incorporating a Strategic Marketing Plan will ensure your offer is being seen and your business is making money at all times. We realize that professional marketing plans can be expensive, so our own marketing expert and co-founder of the MOB (Marketing Specialist @Itachi Hokage) created a DIY Marketing Plan to give you the tools to succeed! Anyone can do this!

“I consider a soft life to be an abundant, well-managed life. Multiple streams of income are a must.” -Deniera Shontel

Let’s face it MOB, it’s time to consider creating some additional streams of income. The economy is changing, but we can secure our finances with multiple streams of ideally passive income. Personally, affiliate marketing interests me and is manageable for my schedule. There are a ton of other ways to make money online in your spare time, and I recommend researching one or a few that are best for you. Consider options that are related to what you currently do for brand consistency and take advantage of your existing social media community.

Invest in a masterclass to learn from women who’ve already built successful businesses. The MOB is excited to be partnered with the following events, guaranteed to make a huge impact in the lives of hundreds of women:

The Hidden Steps to Creating Wealth Masterclass with Takiya Arevalo



Fast Track to High Performance Virtual Workshop with Emily Letran

As busy entrepreneurs, we get very busy at work and sometimes overlook, or even sacrifice, our personal lives. As a high-performance coach and business strategist, I help my clients deal with this struggle on a daily basis. This workshop is an intensive virtual training on High Performance Leadership and Business Marketing.

You will learn strategies to:

- Achieve clarity and get clear with all your goals

- Be more productive and increase net income

- Develop influence and position yourself as an authority in your marketplace

- Understand how to attract customers who pay, stay, and refer

“2023 can be your best year yet, but only if you commit to making it that way.”

-Deniera Shontel

I’ve given you plenty of ideas to help you create a softer, more balanced new year. Our group @momownedbusinessses.usa is an amazing place to promote your business, be inspired, support another mom in business, or simply socialize with like-minded women. You may not need to incorporate all of these tips to accomplish your goals, but sharing is caring. Join the #MOB and feel free to share this blog with another Mom Owned Business!

Until next time #MOB! #LetsGrowTogether!

Connect with the Author @DenieraShontel

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