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True Residual Income with MyResClub

Allow me to introduce IAB Communities powered by MyResClub!!!

Founder of I am Beautiful the Movement with over 80k members worldwide, author, CEO, and business coach, Ms. Tashauna Richardson is passionate about helping women. Ms. Richardson is the visionary behind IAB Communities, and she has partnered with Craig Shawn Williamson, CEO of MyResClub, to bring her vision to life.

“Based upon a Non-Profit/Profit collaboration model, IAB Communities are designed as an empowering community methodology that combines the best of a small neighborly atmosphere where families can live. These communities are "launch pads" of empowerment providing a safe, secure, and productive atmosphere to live and learn new job skills, prepare for school, and train for and begin a new career in the embrace of a caring organization. Located in areas within close proximity to public schools, medical, grocery and other shopping, and all daily services and needs, IAB Communities provide a normalized daily life experience.” -IAB Communities INC

Atlanta’s IAB Communities, powered by MyResClub, is helping single mothers rebuild their lives while giving people access to start investing in real estate. Mom Owned Businesses is on a mission to support women in business, so the partnership was a no brainer!

Your $50 investment can turn into $130+ available the very next day! Access high ROI real estate investments, get up to 50% cash back on travel expenses, network with, connect to and partner with like minded individuals, and help make a difference in the lives of single mothers!

Sign up today with code MY4995:

Why IAB Communities Powered by MyResClub…

Investing in real estate is widely recognized as a great way to create a steady stream of income, leverage appreciation of asset value over time, and qualify for certain tax benefits. Many of us are interested in getting started but we don’t have the knowledge, the credit or the cash needed to do so.

Real estate groups like IAB Communities provide three major benefits, especially for investors who are just getting started.

  1. Real estate groups provide access to a network of experienced professionals who can identify potential investments and help you understand the risks and rewards associated with each one.

  2. Real estate groups offer access to different types of real estate investments such as residential, vacation and commercial properties, making it simple for you to grow and diversify your portfolio.

  3. Real estate groups eliminate the huge barriers to entry that often prevent average people from investing. They allow you to enjoy a high ROI with far less up-front capital and no personal credit requirements. IAB communities is offering 12% ROI* right now!

Real estate groups also provide access to resources that can help you manage your investments. Most groups provide educational materials and seminars to help you learn more about the real estate industry and how to manage your investments. They also often provide access to real estate attorneys, accountants, and other professionals who can provide invaluable assistance in managing your investments.

MyResClub offers ongoing mentorship by millionaire and billionaire real estate and direct sales experts when you sign up as an affiliate!

MyResClub gives you access to helpful e-books and courses to prepare you to succeed, not to mention the done for you marketing website with automated follow up, back office and e-wallet, travel portal, and MORE!

With the help of MyResClub, Mom Owned Businesses is pleased to be using referral commissions earned as well as money saved on travel expenses to invest into real estate, and we want to help YOU do the same!

Sign up today with code 'MY4995' -

*please refer to for current rates and offerings

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