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The WEN Event in #Tulsa

Only $100 for vendors


Who are we?

Mom Owned Businesses is a group on #Facebook that was founded on November 29th, 2021 out of #Delaware to help moms who own businesses grow, have support and have a platform to manifest their dreams.  We reached 85,000+ members worldwide in our two years, partnered with ADP, SmartCredit and others to create a culture where we all can win.

What is The WEN Event?

The Women Empowerment Networking Event was made to help bring traffic to your city, our vendors, speakers, sponsors and the surrounding areas while simultaneously building our network of women entrepreneurs while being a platform for them to learn how to better sustain their businesses.

-Learn from speakers who are currently making an impact in their communities via their businesses.  Discover strategies that lead to success.

-Network with like-minded individuals in your area to discover who you can be cohesive and make money together via partnerships, affiliate programs and more.

-This event is promoted by one of the best strategic organic marketers and Facebook partner Itachi Hokage who reaches millions every 28 days.


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